Saturday, January 14, 2012

$4,000 a year for gas, and you could have free #transit for 60 basis points of tax

Gas Prices and the Value of Walkable Communities | Planetizen: ""While the average American household paid $4,155 for gasoline in 2011 -- a 25% increase over 2010 -- (in our walkable community) we paid about $1,400. And it wasn’t because we made sacrifices. It was because we happened upon an immensely satisfying lifestyle that just happened to be less dependent on gasoline. At whatever price.""

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#Transit Intangibles - Life in the human lane

Transit Intangibles: "Transit evangelists can name off a long list of tangible benefits from riding transit. A smaller carbon footprint, better health, lower stress levels from driving can all be named but effects from riding that are rarely talked about are the intangible benefits of transit. This brings me back to an experience I had yesterday while waiting on my bus to return to work."

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